2021 Varsity cup

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View the special printed section in the Victoria Advocate on May 30, 2021.

The Victoria Advocate Varsity Cup Nominations

The Varsity Cup, presented by American Shield Roofing & Construction, is an awards program for outstanding high school student athletes based not only on their athletic performance but also their GPA and their volunteerism and community involvement. Each Varsity Cup student has been nominated by their coach and has maintained at least a 3.0 GPA this year and has at least 10 hours of volunteerism this year. The Victoria Advocate, along with these generous sponsors are proud to honor these hard working and dedicated student athletes.

Varsity Cup Nominations

Presented by Zboril Dental Care:

Refugio High SchoolJordan Kelley
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolMatthew Janak
Victoria East High SchoolElijah Perry
Calhoun High SchoolJarius Stewart
Goliad High SchoolClayton Klekar
Ganado High SchoolNoah Thedford
Cuero High SchoolJackson Hardwick
Shiner High SchoolTyler Palmer
Bay City High SchoolAvery Smith
Hallettsville High SchoolJonathon Brooks
Industrial High SchoolReed Kallus
Victoria West High SchoolBlake Buzzell
Yorktown High SchoolChris Johnson
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolZak Johnson
Woodsboro High SchoolRogelio Gonzalez III
Hallettsville Sacred Heart High SchoolAlex Angerstein
Edna High SchoolDawson Kallus

Industrial High SchoolLauren Williams
Calhoun High SchoolEmme O’Donnell
Edna High SchoolShelby Keith
Hallettsville High SchoolSydney Migura
Refugio High SchoolPresleigh Barber
Cuero High SchoolClayre Pullin
Woodsboro High SchoolAlexis James
Shiner High SchoolKiley Michalec
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolMadison Korinek
Victoria East High SchoolTrinity Morris
Victoria West High SchoolSawyer Broughton
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolBrooke Pesek
Goliad High SchoolMollee Henicke
Hallettsville Sacred HeartElizabeth Grahmann
Yorktown High SchoolKailey Sinast
Victoria Faith AcademyJaylen Dorsett
Ganado High SchoolCameryn Webernick
Bay City High SchoolRenna Breazeale

Victoria East High SchoolLucas Falcon
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolNicholas Rodriguez
Victoria West High SchoolJustis Trenck
Industrial High SchoolAaron “Bryce” Wilfert
Goliad High SchoolBenjamin Balderaz
Bay City High SchoolFelix Rodriguez
Hallettsville High SchoolRylan Schindler
Shiner High SchoolBechtel Bishop
Edna High SchoolGeovanni Villeda
Calhoun High SchoolDylan Gonzales
Shiner St Paul High SchoolTaylor Robinson
Refugio High SchoolKyle Walker
Hallettsville Sacred Heart High SchoolBrady Haas

Presented by Formosa Plastics:

Victoria East High SchoolIsabella Roth
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolLauren Theroit
Victoria West High SchoolKailee Marques
Calhoun High SchoolEmme O’Donnell
Industrial High SchoolMacie Kolodziejcyk
Edna High SchoolHailee Lopez
Goliad High SchoolLauren Bond
Shiner High SchoolMarian Grosenbacher
Hallettsville High SchoolEmma Etzler
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolJulianna Davis
Refugio High SchoolQuetzal Vasquez
Cuero High SchoolBrooke Wendel
Victoria Faith AcademyRebekkah Hurt
Hallettsville Sacred HeartKathryn Kostelnik
Yorktown High SchoolKylie Nance

Refugio High SchoolJavier Ontiveros
Calhoun High SchoolDamian Chavez
Ganado High SchoolTyrin Brito
Victoria East High SchoolCeyth Grevey
Goliad High SchoolLeVerius Gage
Victoria West High SchoolSeth Neibrandt
Yorktown High SchoolJacob Guerrero
Bay City High SchoolLogan MacLennan
Hallettsville High SchoolLandon Sluka

Presented by Formosa Plastics:

Refugio High SchoolNaidelyn Martinez
Calhoun High SchoolEh Naygay Hso
Victoria East High SchoolAlyssa Sauceda
Goliad High SchoolViviana Hernandez
Victoria West High SchoolJazmeen Reyna
Bay City High SchoolLizbeth Amezquita
Victoria Faith AcademyKora Gonzalez
Hallettsville High SchoolKaitlin Rother
Yorktown High SchoolKylie Nance

Presented by Kelly Garrett Kucera, Attorney:

kelly garrett

Calhoun High SchoolCasey Nunley
Hallettsville High SchoolKyler Chovanetz
Woodsboro High SchoolRogelio Gonzalez III
Victoria West High SchoolKevin Rankin
Goliad High SchoolDeVonte Perry
Ganado High SchoolJulian Martinez
Refugio High SchoolCaleb Hesseltine
Shiner High SchoolLane Remschel
Hallettsville Sacred Heart High SchoolAustin Kutac
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolSa Benes
Victoria East High SchoolBrady Parker
Victoria Faith AcademyEvan Tijerina

Presented by Kelly Garrett Kucera, Attorney:

kelly garrett

Victoria West High SchoolHaleigh Reyes
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolMaiya Tillmon
Refugio High SchoolCeleste Lara
Cuero High SchoolClayre Pullin
Ganado High SchoolWendy Blanco
Hallettsville High SchoolSydney Migura
Goliad High SchoolKaysa Wunsch
Yorktown High SchoolKadie Dueser
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolRebecca Wagner
Bloomington High SchoolMorgan Daniel
Victoria East High SchoolSamantha Velazquez
Edna High SchoolKila Rodas
Victoria Faith AcademyHannah Bazar
Bay City High SchoolJa’Brion Thrift

Presented by Prosperity Bank:

Refugio High SchoolEthan Perez
Shiner High SchoolJared Shimek
Hallettsville High SchoolRylan Schindler
Ganado High SchoolLane Benavides
Victoria East High SchoolKaden Kolle
Victoria West High SchoolOrlando Di Leo
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolTed Machacek
Calhoun High SchoolSean Flores
Bay City High SchoolHayden Zbranek
Cuero High SchoolAustin Schwarz
Victoria Faith AcademyBen Bauer
Goliad High SchoolCaleb Huber
Woodsboro High SchoolWeslee Jochetz

Presented by Ventura’s Tamales:

Refugio High SchoolHollie Eads
Shiner High SchoolHana Lehnert
Victoria East High SchoolMariah Steen
Calhoun High SchoolBrianna Villarreal
Hallettsville High SchoolEmma Grahmann
Edna High SchoolKaylee Hanys
Ganado High SchoolKayanna “Cosmo” Kramer
Industrial High SchoolSarah Kolodziejczyk
Victoria West High SchoolChristine Wenske
Hallettsville Sacred HeartAbby Clark
Bay City High SchoolKearsten White
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolSydney Green
Woodsboro High SchoolAlexis James
Cuero High SchoolOlivia Blank
Yorktown High SchoolKailey Sinast
Goliad High SchoolHalle Sumpter

Refugio High SchoolZavien Wills
Shiner High SchoolTrevor Haynes
Ganado High SchoolDarrell Cihal
Victoria East High SchoolEvan Brown
Woodsboro High SchoolCaleb Moore
Hallettsville High SchoolLuke Bludau
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolDevin Johnson
Victoria West High SchoolWade Leath
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolJames Fikac
Bay City High SchoolBrice Turner
Industrial High SchoolJohnathan Garcia
Yorktown High SchoolSam Speed
Goliad High SchoolCutler Zamzow
Cuero High SchoolJohn Notaro

Woodsboro High SchoolHannah Rifenburgh
Cuero High SchoolBrooke Wendel
Victoria East High SchoolMaddisin Ruiz
Goliad High SchoolKarleigh Hill
Calhoun High SchoolEmme O’Donnell
Bay City High SchoolHaley Eidlebach
Victoria West High SchoolDailynn Zarate
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolSadie Mikes
Hallettsville High SchoolBriley Rother
Shiner High SchoolCamille Darilek
Victoria Faith AcademyKamilah Stafford
Industrial High SchoolSarah Brogger
Yorktown High SchoolKailey Sinast
Edna High SchoolShelby Keith
Refugio High SchoolJai’lin King

Victoria East High SchoolCaden Allen
Calhoun High SchoolJose Ledezma
Victoria West High SchoolDamian Rojas
Bay City High SchoolVictor Morales

Victoria East High SchoolIsabella Martinez
Victoria West High SchoolJaydn Rangel
Bay City High SchoolAmy Vestal
Calhoun High SchoolCrystal Rodriguez

Victoria East High SchoolAaron Holochwost
Shiner High SchoolTy Winkenwerder
Victoria West High SchoolJared Lofland
Yorktown High SchoolTristan Switzer
Cuero High SchoolJacob Denton
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolTrent Brown
Goliad High SchoolKyle Gaskamp
Hallettsville High SchoolCole Henrichs

Shiner High SchoolMegan Winkenwerder
Victoria East High SchoolAmber Short
Cuero High SchoolClayre Pullin
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolPaige Brown
Goliad High SchoolMadelyn Reitz
Hallettsville High SchoolShaye Woytek
Victoria West High SchoolLaney Glass

Industrial High SchoolSeth Darilek
Shiner High SchoolJayden Carson
Goliad High SchoolHunter Williams
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolCaden Malinovsky
Hallettsville High SchoolLuke Guevara
Victoria East High SchoolKyle Yang
Calhoun High SchoolJoshua Huang

Cuero High SchoolSophia Davis
Shiner St. Paul High SchoolBrooke Pesek
Shiner High SchoolJayme Kurtz
Goliad High SchoolDaniela Sierra
Victoria West High SchoolEmily Cotton
Hallettsville High SchoolSarah Pearson
Victoria East High SchoolKinsey Faltysek
Calhoun High SchoolAngel Tung

Victoria West High SchoolBranton Rainey
Bay City High SchoolJordan Wright
Sacred Heart High SchoolDallas Layton


Hallettsville High SchoolBailee Wagner
Bay City High SchoolGlory Vargas
Hallettsville Sacred Heart High SchoolElizabeth Ventura


Bay City High SchoolIsabella Katzer
Industrial High SchoolAvery Baker
Victoria West High SchoolKynleigh Jimenez
Refugio High SchoolAlanna De Leon
Shiner High SchoolWesley Hajek
Victoria Faith AcademyAyanna Moten
Cuero High SchoolDesirae Flessner
Hallettsville High SchoolLauren Garza-Mischer
Victoria St. Joseph High SchoolAshley Fleener


Female & Male Athlete of the Year Sponsor

varsity cup

Going the Extra Mile

2020 Varsity Cup

Watch last year’s awards event right here, featuring keynote speaker and Olympian, Johnny Quinn.

Schools that Participate

Victoria East High School

4103 E Mockingbird Ln, Victoria, TX 77904

Victoria West High School

307 W Tropical Dr, Victoria, TX 77904

Refugio High School

212 W Vance St, Refugio, TX 78377

Calhoun High School

201 Sandcrab Blvd, Port Lavaca, TX 77979

El Campo High School

600 W Norris St, El Campo, TX 77437

Bay City High School

400 7th St, Bay City, TX 77414

Cuero Senior High School

920 E Broadway St, Cuero, TX 77954

Yoakum High School

104 Poth St, Yoakum, TX 77995

Edna High School

1303 W Gayle St, Edna, TX 77957

Hallettsville High School

200 N Ridge St, Hallettsville, TX 77964

Bloomington High School

2781 FM616, Victoria, TX 77905

Ganado High School

501 W Devers Ave, Ganado, TX 77962

Shiner High School

510 Co Rd 348, Shiner, TX 77984

Yorktown High School

418 W 4th St, Yorktown, TX 78164

Woodsboro High School

508 Kasten Ave. Woodsboro, TX 78393

Faith Academy

539 Waco Cir, Victoria, TX 77904

Vanderbilt Industrial High School

187 5th St, Vanderbilt, TX 77991

St. Paul High School

424 S St Ludmila St, Shiner, TX 77984

Goliad High School

161 N. Welch St. Goliad, TX 77963

St. Joseph High School

110 E Red River St, Victoria, TX 77901

Sacred Heart High School

313 S. Texana Street
Hallettsville, Texas . 77964 


2021 Varsity Cup


Philip Humber

2021 Varsity Cup Speaker

Philip Humber

2020 Varsity Cup Speaker

Johnny Quinn

2019 Varsity Cup Speaker

Jon Peters

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